Haiti - Help, support, training

Mission Haïti

Cette mission est mise en place avec la Fondation pour le Développement Économique et Social (FODES-5) qui est un organisme humanitaire haïtien qui travaille à la promotion du développement social, économique et cultur

Ouganda - Expertise, support, training

Mission Ouganda

Dans la ville ougandaise de Gulu, dans le district de Lacor, il se trouve un hôpital appelé St. Mary's qui cherchait de l'aide à la restructuration de leur pharmacie. St. Mary's avait formulé un

Mali - Pictograms and training

Mali Mission


The PSF project in Mali was started in 2006 by a young team of pharmacists. In the beginning, missions were established on a short-term basis for eight weeks during the summer


Annual General Meeting

All members of PSF-Canada are summoned to the Annual General Meeting which will be held Wednesday ...


Become pharmacist for our Uganda mission

Pharmacists Without Borders Canada is seeking a volunteer pharmacist to go to Uganda f ...


C'est avec émoi que Pharmaciens sans frontières Canada a appris l'assassinat de David Haines, un ...


Collaboration between PSF Canada, Lacor pharmacy department and Gulu University


One of the 2009 PSF-Canada recommendations for the Lacor pharmacy department was to col ...


Devenez pharmaciens humanitaires



PSF-Canada est a la recherche de pharmac ...


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m2014 Fashion Show PHARMAIDE, in favor of Pharmacists Without Borders Canada and Haiti mission

Pharmaide est une initiative des étudiants de la Faculté de pharmacie de l’Université ...


2013 Fashion Show PHARMAIDE, in favor of Pharmacists Without Borders Canada and Haiti mission

At 8:00pm on March 7th 2013, the 2nd annual PHARM ...


Défilé de mode PHARMAIDE 2012

Défilé de mode PHARMAIDE 2012, au profit de Pharmaciens sans frontières Canada et sa ...


Fundraising for PSF-Canada in the Montreal Oasis Marathon 2011 edition

On Sunday Semptember 25th, a special group of 70 runners participated in the 2011 Oa ...


Levée de fonds à l'Université Laval

Le 26 mai 2011, les étudiants de la Faculté formant le groupe Pharmaide ont remis un ...


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About PSF-Canada

Pharmacists without borders - Canada is a humanitarian organization that is recognized by the Government of Canada. PSF is comprised mainly of pharmacists who wish to help populations in need to organize their medical distribution networks, and to assure the proper management of essential medications. The PSF international head office was located in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The Canadian branch, called PSF-Canada, was founded by Quebec pharmacist Hubert Brault, and is located in Montréal. Diane Lamarre is currently the president of PSF-Canada. « Our goal is to provide access to quality essential medications », explains Hubert Brault, who added that PSF is also setting the standards for other NGOs concerning pharmaceutical care. In addition to the branch in Canada, PSF has a presence in many European countries, such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Luxemburg, Spain, Holland, and Belgium.

Aside from sending pharmacists on missions abroad, PSF-Canada assumes the expenses associated with each mission. PSF carried out emergency missions (Moldavia, Tajikistan, Sudan/Kenya …), development missions (Haiti, Ecuador, Cambodia, Mauritania, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso), evaluation missions (Honduras), and also organizes special missions, the most recent taking place in the Balkan territories (Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo). The goals of PSF in a development mission are to train, inform, and organize. In developing countries, the provision of essential medications is vital towards achieving primary health care. However, problems related to selection of proper medications, their proper use, transmission of pertinent information, and proper management practices unfortunately obstruct these medications from reaching those who need them the most. Many countries lack a rational policy defining pharmaceutical and health care, and thus do not have a distribution infrastructure in place. PSF can effectively create a network through collaboration with health clinics, religious communities, and local hospitals.

Health clinics in these countries distribute medications that come from many sources, often donations from patrons or private organizations who often unintentionally destabilize the fragile infrastructures that were painstakingly put into place. This destabilization is the result of inappropriately selected medications that often do not fit the needs of the population in distress. At PSF-Canada, we are aware that not all pharmacists are able to participate in a mission abroad, but this does not mean you cannot be of great help. PSF-Canada accepts financial contributions, which are used to purchase essential medications or are put towards the funding of ongoing and future missions abroad (tax receipts are provided).